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Podocarpus tōtara - Tōtara



Podocarpus tōtara is a species of podocarp tree endemic to New Zealand. Tōtara is commonly found in lowland areas where the soil is fertile and well drained, however it will tolerate a wide range of sites. Produces a dense clipped hedge. Prickly leaves deter both sheep and rabbits. Fruit from March-May attracts birds. Nectar from October-December attracts bees. Evergreen. Frost tender when young.

Height when mature: 35 m

Available in 6.5L and 1.3L pots

Tiered Pricing (1.3L pot):
1-9: $12 each
10-99: $11 each
100+: $10 each

Tiered pricing (6.5L pot):
1-9: $25 each
10-99: $22.50 each
100+ $20 each

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