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Plagianthus regius - Manutu - Ribbonwood



Plagianthus regius or lowland ribbonwood is a tree that is endemic to New Zealand. The common name is simply ribbonwood. Ribbonwood is New Zealand’s tallest deciduous tree. Medium sized, wind resistant, spreading tree. Showy cream flowers on separate male and female trees. Juvenile foliage can be maintained for a dense trimmed hedge. Fast-growing even on dry exposed sites. Good for shelter or specimen. Deciduous. Hardy.

Height: 15-18m

Available in T28 trays - 28x 0.5l cell and 1.3L pots

Tiered Pricing (1.3L pot):
1-9: $8.50 each
10-99: $8 each
100+: $7 each

Tiered pricing (Tray of 28)
1-9: $100 each
10+: $90

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