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Agathis australis - Kauri



The New Zealand Kauri (Agathis australis) belongs to one of the world’s oldest family of conifers, the Araucariaceae (ora-care-ree-a-see) family. The kauri is the most famous native tree in New Zealand, largely because it is among the largest trees in the world. Tane Mahuta (Maori for ‘Lord of the Forest’), in Waipoua Forest Sanctuary, is commonly claimed to be the largest. 

There is no typical kauri forest. Kauri can grow by themselves or as dense stands. A kauri forest often includes many other tree species. Fully grown kauri trees stand above a canopy of smaller trees. They may be covered in lianes and epiphytes. Close to the ground are small trees and shrubs such as kauri grass, found only in a kauri forest.

Height: 40+m
Can live for more than 1000 years

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