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Pseudopanax crassifolium - Lancewood - Horoeka



Lancewood, or horoeka, is a unique, small tree with lance-like foliage that changes dramatically as the tree matures. In fact, young trees are so different from adults that early botanists believed they were different species. Juveniles have a very straight and thin trunk without branches and a cluster of long, narrow, deflexed leaves at the top. Adult leaves are less than half the length of the juvenile’s leaves and twice the width, and they form a rounded crown at the top of the tree. Plants are either male or female. The small, greenish-yellow flowers are pollinated by insects. The purplish-black fruits are an important food source for whitehead, tūī and wood pigeon/ kererū when they occur in autumn and winter. Slow growing.

Height: 15m
Width: 1m

Available in 6L pots

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100+: $20 each

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