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Philodendron Scandens ‘Brazil’



Philodendron Brazil is a vining plant with striking green and lime leaves. What I love most about this plant is you will never know what the next leaf will look like until it's unfurled. They make a wonderful hanging plant or you can climb them up a pole or wall for that extra home jungle look. Philodendrons are a hardy plant variety and are perfect for any indoor plant beginners or collectors.

Our Philodendron Brazil are triple planted and come in a 13cm hanging pot with a clip in saucer. 

Watering- Ensure you let the soil dry out at least 50% when watering in the Summer (watering every 1-2 weeks). Let the soil dry out completely in the Winter (watering every 2-3 weeks). 

Feeding- A liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season is all the feed this plant requires. 

Lighting- Philodendron Brazil will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. It can also survive lower light conditions, however they might become more leggy, the lime colour could revert to green and have a slower growth rate if the light is too low. Avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.

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