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Gynura Procumbens



The Gynura Procumbens is a majestic plant that is highly distinguished for its deep green foliage that are covered in tiny purple hairs. These hair-like structures are responsible for the plant’s interesting leaf coloration. Don't be shy when it comes to pruning back these prolific growers, as they love to be tamed and will become fuller plants when trimmed back! Gynura are easy-care plants and would be a great addition to your collection. Just be sure to chop off any flower buds as the pop up because their orange dandelion like flowers have an unpleasant odour. 

Our Gynuras are triple planted and come in a 12cm nursery pot or 13cm hanging pot.

Watering- Water once a week in the warmer months and every 2 weeks in the cooler months.

Feeding- A liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season.

Lighting- Although these plants are exceptionally low-light tolerant, they will grow faster and maintain their vibrant coloring and markings if grown in medium to bright indirect light for at least 6 hours each day. Direct sun will scorch their leaves.

SKU: 10000-3-2-1

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