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Kalanchoe manginii - Beachbells



The Beachbells is a succulent and native to Madagascar. has striking hot pink splashes of colour on green leaves. They blooms in late winter or early spring and produces tubular flowers appearing in clusters from the wiry stems. The stunning flowers are often reddish-orange or pale peach and don’t produce a scent. The salmon-colored flowers hang downward, making it a suitable candidate for a hanging basket.

Our Beachbells come in a 13cm nursery hanging pot.

Watering- Because these are a succulent you'll need to allow the soil to dry out completely between watering.

Fertilize- use a diluted liquid fertilizer to encourage healthier growth. Granular slow-release pellets of fertilizer are also an option.

Lighting- No matter where it’s grown, Beachbells requires lots of sunlight. Ensure they're in a brightly lit room and get around an hour of direct sun either in the morning or evening. 

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