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Schlumbergera Bridgesii Christmas Cactus - hot pink



This beautiful low-maintenance plant is easy to care for, hangs beautifully in a hanging pot, and has bight hot-pink flowers that bloom for weeks. According to horticulturalists, this plant can live up to 100 years with the right care!

Our Christmas Cactus are quadruple planted and come in a 13cm hanging pot with a clip in saucer. 

Watering- This semi-succulent prefers to be on the drier side, water when the top surface feels dry, and never let them sit in water.

Feeding- They don't require huge amounts of fertiliser. A liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season is all this plant requires. 

Lighting- Christmas cactus plants need bright, indirect light. They'll burn in direct sunlight.

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