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Ficus Lyrata



Whether you know it by the common name Fiddle Leaf Fig or botanical name Ficus Lyrata, this is the cool kid of houseplants. It seems like the Fiddle Leaf Fig is always trending. If you're after a statement plant, you've found your perfect match with those huge, lush, glossy-green leathery leaves and ability to reach a good 3 metres or so when grown indoors, adding a foot or two of growth every year when happy and healthy.

Our Ficus Lyrata come in a 16cm nursery pot.

Watering- Lightly, evenly moist is the sweet spot you're aiming for. Over-watering is much worse than under-watering, so if in doubt, don't water. I wait until my Fiddle Leaf Fig is just over 50% dry before watering again, a little more in winter, but they don't like going fully dry, at least not for long.

Feeding- A liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season is all the feed this plant requires. 

Lighting- Plenty of bright, indirect or filtered light is KEY to a happy Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

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